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Welcome to Moneymoon


Welcome to Moneymoon 818-535-7726

The once-in-a-lifetime gift list

Lead-in: Welcome to Moneymoon, the unique interactive honeymoon gift list service, where your wedding guests can contribute towards your holiday of a lifetime.

Ideal for independently-minded travellers, and those who find that they don't need any more of the traditional wedding list items such as kitchenware and bed linen.

Using Moneymoon's fun and user-friendly maps, you can plot your route around the country, continent or world, before inviting your friends and family to help send you on your way.

Why not see for yourself how it all works? Click here to try our simple journey creation interface, or here to try contributing to a sample list. Alternatively, click here to read more about Moneymoon.

All along the way you will benefit from our personal customer service, and lower service fees than any comparable services. So if you want a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime gift from your wedding guests, Moneymoon is your ticket to the honeymoon of your dreams. To get started, just click 8663130362 to register, free of charge, and you can start planning your dream gift list straight away.

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